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Authenticity is the secret behind our delicious dishes, expertly created and elegantly served. Exotic flavors, healthy ingredients and friendly service have earned Ta Ra Rin a loyal following. Consistently flavorful, our cuisine is prepared by hand, not machine.

Our customers are the main ingredient of our success. Ta Ra Rin is a restaurant for the community. Since 2004, Ta Ra Rin has grown from five people at one location, to 50 employees at our popular Eugene and Springfield locations today. We proudly serve home-style Thai cooking to our valued family of customers.

”I've been in the kitchen all my life,“ says Arna, founder of Ta Ra Rin. ”My family owned restaurants even before I could remember. As a child in Bangkok, I helped make curry paste for the food carts that my parents ran.“ Now you can enjoy Arna's passion for home-cooked Thai cuisine. Continuing the family tradition, Arna has trained his staff to prepare and serve food that meets the highest standards of flavor and consistency – with polite and respectful Thai hospitality, but without typical shortcuts.

We want everything you order to be as perfect as possible. The details of Thai cuisine are very difficult to learn. Heat. Appearance. Aroma. Flavor. It takes 2-3 years to train each kitchen employee, from appetizer and curry to stir-fry and entrée. There's so much to understand, and Ta Ra Rin's chefs thoroughly know every section of our menu.

We serve only what we can do right all the time. That's the key to our popularity. We offer lots of choices. Each one is tried, true and unique. To ensure consistent quality, we don't cook up experiments, or rotate menu items. And we have as much fun naming our dishes as we do preparing them!

Don't be afraid to try something. We'll teach you. We want people of all ages to enjoy Thai food as much as us. Order your favorites or new dishes, as spicy or as mild as you wish. Be a little adventurous if you like; we're happy to make suggestions. Ask about the Chef's Specials featured on our daily menu board. There are too many to include on the board, or in our printed menu, but you'll find the complete list here. Feel free to request any Chef's Special whenever you visit Ta Ra Rin.

What does our name mean? Arna's last name, Khongkhanging, means ”water“ in Thai. He chose the name ”Ta Ra Rin,“ which is Thai for ”stream,“ to express what our restaurant seeks to be: a place of tranquility with consistently flavorful food. We'll see you soon.

1200 Oak Street
Eugene, OR 97401