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Your Complete, Professional Real Estate FLAT LIST SELL Solution


The math is simple.  We charge $4,990 to fully represent you, the seller, from 'start to sold'. an additional 2.5% is offered to any real estate agent who represents the buyer.


Quick Calculations, if your home sells for:

     $30,000 total commission will be 4.1%

     $400,000 total commission will be 3.7%

     $500,000 total commission will be 3.5% 

       *offered on any home listed with a value up to $500,000


WE provide extensive real estate services and take complete care of our sellers from well before your home is listed, till keys are handed over to the new buyers.  Some of our highlighted services include:


- We hire professional Stagers who spend up to four hours preparing your home for sale

- We hire a professional photographer to take amazing, crisp pictures of your home to market & video

-We aggressively market ONLINE and on Social Media sites

- We 3,000+ followers on our FB page

- We are your advocate when it comes time to negotiate:  offer, repairs, possession, etc.

- We drill into the data and provide periodic Market Reports

- And we do so much more that we’d love to share with you!

Contact us today to learn more!


*our flat fee solution is offered on homes priced at or under $500,000.  For homes over $500,000 our listing fee is $7,990 + 2.5% to the buyers agent.