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Homes for sale- Cal Young, Eugene OR

Find the newest homes for sale & real estate listings in Cal Young!  Located just north of the Willamette River, the Cal Young Neighborhood Association (CYNA) stretches north to Randy Pape Beltline and includes those lands between Delta Highway and Coburg Road. The CYNA was created in 1978 when the Willakenzie Neighborhood Organization divided to form the CYNA and Harlow Neighbors. More recently, the boundaries of CYNA were reconfigured in 2011 as lands north of Beltline and west of Delta Highway were established as new neighborhood associations. 

The Cal Young neighborhood contains many amenities including major shopping centers, several grocery stores, parks, fire station, police station, two golf courses and a branch library. The vast majority of land supports low density residential uses. Major commercial uses are located along Coburg Road, most notably the Oakway Shopping Center.