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8 Quick things to do before you show your home


Preparing For a Home Showing

  1. Go room by room & pick up any clutter.
  2. If needed: dust, vacuum, clean off cobwebs.
  3. Turn on all lights- if any are burned out, replace them.
  4. Open curtains / blinds to let natural light in.
  5. All toilets are clean & all seat lids are fully closed.
  6. Pick up & remove pets: food, beds, toys, & especially backyard 'doggie bombs'- we don't want any potential buyer to step in them & ruin their experience.
  7. Air Freshener: marketing studies show that citrus smell sells.  Make sure your home smells mildly clean & fresh!
  8. If you have AC, make sure its on to keep the home nice and cool (when hot outside), vice versa with heater when cold outside.